Bike Fit

As most cyclists will know, being comfortable on your bike is critical, particularly as you increase the distances and times of your rides. It is important to consider both your body and your bike when setting yourself up, as an incorrect bike set-up or poor technique can lead to acute and chronic injuries or decreased cycling performance.

In order to minimise injury and discomfort, our bike fit process has been developed to incorporate a thorough musculoskeletal assessment performed by a sports Physiotherapist to identify your own strengths and weaknesses and therefore, potential areas of injury. Typically, this takes two separate visits to our clinic where we undertake the following:

First visit:

We conduct a comprehensive physical screening specific to cycling, and address issues of flexibility and strength and relate those to any problem areas identified.

From this assessment we devise a list of appropriate stretches or specific strengthening exercises which we introduce you to on your follow up visit.

Second visit:

We ask you to bring your bike, cycle shoes and shorts to this session. We then combine it’s existing set-up with your body geometry and make appropriate modifications. This is done both statically and then dynamically on a bike trainer.

The combination of on-bike and physical assessments allow cyclist to maximise their potential.

For more information on bike fit please contact us.