Falls Program

As our community ages there is an increased risk of falling. Whilst that may seem reasonably innocuous at first glance, there are serious implications and consequences from a fall in the elderly particularly.

Fractures are more likely in that population due to lower bone mineral leading to more fragile bones. A fracture requiring hospitalisation and surgery can have a general debilitating consequence to the individual. In worst case, it can even diminish the ability of the person to maintain their independent living status with significant consequence.

Whilst a full prevention program is no guarantee to stop all falls it can be helpful in improving strategies to avoid a fall and balance reactions when off balance.

Our falls prevention program is a 5 week program of once per week visits and home exercises.

The first visit is an assessment one where some measurements are taken to assess your balance abilities. During follow up visits you will learn home exercises and preventative strategies with the aim of seeing some improvements at your reassessment at the final visit.

You will be encouraged to continue some home based exercises and of course can come back for follow up if needed.

This program is ideal for EPC patients who can be referred by the GP for the 5 week program with minimal out of pocket expense.