Hester Laughlin

Hester completed her undergraduate degree in Physiotherapy at La Trobe University in Melbourne in 2003, and her Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, also at La Trobe, in 2008.

She enjoys working with a variety of patients and uses an array of techniques in her practice, including manual therapy, dry needling, education and movement retraining.  Her treatment approach aims to optimise movement, function and performance.  She endeavours to improve her patients’ understanding, to help them rediscover the ease of beautiful movement, and to empower them in their recovery journey.

Hester moved to Scotland in 2005 where some of her career highlights included being part of the team at the Hampden National Stadium in Glasgow, and working with some of the athletes from one of the top Adventure Racing teams in Britain.  Her love of cycling was reinvigorated here. She also lived in Chamonix in France for a ski season in 2016, where her skiing skills improved dramatically, but sadly not so much her French.

2009 saw a move to Swansea in South Wales, where she started up her own clinic not long after the birth of her first son.  She further developed her expertise in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, as well as her interest in complex cases and persistent pain.  Swansea also saw the beginning of her ‘JEMS journey’ and learning more about the incredible relationship a person has with their body and how this impacts on the functioning of the entire system.

Moving to Hobart in 2016 has continued to inspire her cycling (both road and mountain), as well as trail running, and more recently, paddling.  It has also allowed her to cultivate a veggie patch and get some chickens. Apart from all this, she loves hanging out with her two boys and their dog, and can be found crafting in one form or another when time allows!